Cleaning Agents

ICL offers a complete line of phosphate and phosphoric acid products for the formulation of a wide range of industrial and institutional (I&I) and household cleaning products. Our commitment to the industry is reflected in our hands-on technical support and continuous investment to develop new products to meet our customers’ needs.

In industrial and institutional (I&I) cleaning, the variety of surfaces to be cleaned and the soils to be removed are much greater than for household applications. Generally, the cleanup job is much more rugged in an industrial environment and, therefore, the cleaning products used tend to be stronger with less emphasis on the aesthetics of color and odor. Just making a cleaning compound stronger is not enough to adapt it for industrial use. The needs of industry are highly specialized, and cleaning compounds must be equally specialized to be effective. The common denominator among all the widely varying requirements of the I&I industry is the almost universal ICL utility of phosphates and phosphoric acid. They find use in cleaning agents in powder, liquid and block forms that are used to clean and treat a wide variety of surfaces.

ICL offers a wide selection of phosphates and phosphoric acid for the formulation of cleaning products in six broad application categories.

  • Dish and Food Service
  • Food Process Cleaning
  • Janitorial Cleaning
  • Transportation Cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Household Cleaning Products


Solubility (g/100g Water)

Sequestration Capacity (gCa/100g Phos)*

Monosodium Phosphate (MSP) 4.6 92 Precipitate
Disodium Phosphate (DSP) 9.2 12 Precipitate
Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) 11.8 14 Precipitate
Trisodium Phosphate Crystalline (TSPC) 12.0 27 Precipitate
Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate (SAPP) 4.3 15 18.2
Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate (TSPP) 10.3 6 15.2
Sodium Tripolyphosphate (STPP) 9.9 15 10.9
Polyclear® 10.3 47 12.0
Sodaphos® 7.7 >150 9.1
Hexaphos® 6.9 >150 8.9
Glass-H® 6.3 >150 9.1
Monopotassium Phosphate (MKP) 4.6 25 Precipitate
Dipotassium Phosphate (DKP) 9.3 170 Precipitate
Tripotassium Phosphate (TKP) 11.9 107 Precipitate
Tetrapotassium Pyrophosphate (TKPP) 10.5 187 12.2
Potassium Tripolyphosphate (KTPP) 9.6 193 9.0
Orthophosphoric Acids 1.6 Infinite
Poly and Superphosphoric Acids 1.6 Infinite
Sodium Acid Metaphosphate (SAMP) 3.9 >150
*Conditions: Ca ion electrode, 150 ppm hardness, alkaline pH, room temperature