Health & Safety

Investing in health and safety.

As part of its Sustainable Development policy, ICL invests in its facilities and processes throughout the world to improve the safety of its work environments for ICL’s employees and the quality and safety of its products.

Key elements of ICL’s safety culture include:

  • Strict adherence to safety at work laws
  • Risk management
  • Mandatory employee safety training and ongoing programs that have earned ICL top level international safety certifications for each of our segments.

We strive to maintain a “zero accidents” policy, to which all company managers and employees are partners. Working closely with safety and health authorities to ensure that it complies with all government regulations, we do everything we can to protect employees, customers and end users.

In addition to adopting international safety standards and complying with safety standards worldwide, ICL engages in safety and environmental monitoring checks in work areas to ensure the health and safety of its employees and prevent exposure of employees to products and processes at factories.

ICL also maintains a system for preventative medicine in its factories, in cooperation with hospitals and experts in occupational and preventative medicine. The boards and safety committees of our companies periodically examine safety achievements and events to ensure that safety targets are met.