Engineered Materials

Our formulations are used in thousands of products to make them safer, more durable and longer-lasting – in a word, better.

We are a global leader in industrial additives and materials, including a broad range of flame retardants, phosphate salts and specialty phosphate blends, purified phosphoric acid and electronic-grade specialty phosphoric acids. We are also a leading provider of magnesium and magnesium alloys for the automobile industry. Our highly capable technical support teams work closely with customers across the globe to provide customized formulations for high-performance applications.

Flame Retardants (FRs)
ICL is a global leader in FRs. Our FR products are based on bromine, phosphorus and magnesium hydroxide. Our fire safety solutions are focused on building and construction; electronic component; enclosures, appliances and textile; and coatings and adhesive end markets.

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To assess the sustainability of flame retardants in these specific applications, ICL has developed the framework SAFR® – Systematic Assessment of Flame Retardants. SAFR® provides a rigorous evaluation of specific flame retardants in their different applications, thus enabling users to choose the most sustainable products for the intended use.

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Phosphates in Industrial Markets
We are a leading provider of a large number of ortho phosphate, pyro phosphate and polyphosphate specialty products used in the dental market (toothpaste), industrial and institutional cleaning products, oil drilling, mining, metal treatment, leather processing, construction, ceramics, and paints and coatings. These phosphate additives provide many unique functions, such as abrasion, water softening, precipitation, pH buffering, rheology control, surface wetting, pigment dispersion, retardation, cure, corrosion resistance, fire protection, adhesion, and pigment suspension, as well as eliminating foam and stabilizing silicate-based paint formulations.

Magnesia Products
We produce a wide range of magnesia specialty products (magnesium oxide, hydroxide and basic carbonate) of exceptionally high purity. These materials find application in a wide variety of products, such as transformer steel, rubber, plastic, adhesives, engine oil additives, pharmaceuticals, and mineral supplements for nutraceuticals, food and cosmetics.

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Phosphoric Acid and Polyphosphoric Acid Products
We are a leading global manufacturer of ultra-high purity phosphoric acids used in the semiconductor, photovoltaic, and electronic flat panel display industries. Our electronic grade phosphoric acid exceeds the industry standards for the low levels of trace impurity elements and particulates required in the production of high-quality electronics. We also produce various grades of polyphosphoric acid (PPA). PPA is used in the production of phosphate esters, pharmaceuticals, and modified asphalt cements, which are primarily used for road paving and roofing shingles manufacturing.

Beginning with bromine extracted from its vast reserves in Dead Sea brines, ICL-IP produces a wide range of bromine-based products; ranging from flame retardants and drilling fluids to biocides.

Elemental Bromine is sold and transported to external customers worldwide in designed for purpose and dedicated Isotanks.  ICL-IP has the largest transportation fleet in the industry ensuring the capability to supply worldwide.  Elemental Bromine is used worldwide in the rubber industry as well as a reagent in the pharma and agro industries.  It is also used globally to produce a number of Brominated compounds.

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Bromine Compounds & Intermediates
ICL is a global provider of organic and inorganic intermediates and compounds based on Bromine and the Dead Sea minerals.  This variety of products and fine chemicals, serves a wide range of end markets, such as:

  • Life Science – Pharma, Agro, Cosmetics and Flavors & Fragrances
  • Industrial – Biocides, Catalyst (Quaternary Amoniumbromides ), alkylation agents Photo chemicals and Detergents.
  • Textile and special Polymers (PTA) for soft drinks bottles.
  • Cleaning Solvents – for Industrial use (Precision Cleaning, Degreasing).

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Bromine intermediates in the Pharma and Agro are mainly used in the synthesis of the Active Ingredient (AI), mostly to add a new part to the chemical skeleton (building block) of a multi-step process, or to introduce a Bromine atom at a specific position to create a required chemical structure.

The Bromine Intermediates activity is focused on innovation and is able to offer tolling/subcontracting service, backed by few essential arms, among them strong R&D development team, Health Safety and Regulatory experts team and in addition offering Circular Economy activity approach to help recovery of effluent streams.

Products for the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry – CBF
ICL Industrial Products is a world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of bromine-based drilling and completion fluids named “Clear Brine Fluids”. The Clear brine fluids are high-density and solid-free brines, used mainly in the completion process of offshore oil and gas wells. Clear Brine fluids’ s Main functions includes: Control wellbore pressure, Cool the bits and tools, Lubricate tools and pipe, Transport solids from the wellbore Transport treatments to the production zone, Minimize formation and equipment damage and Minimize operation time

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Soil & Space Fumigation
ICL Industrial Products is leading manufacturer of high-quality methyl Bromide; The ICL-IP vision is to assist countries to achieve maximum bio security through supply of high-quality Fumigants. Methyl Bromide is a powerful fumigant used widely for quarantine & preshipment as well as space fumigation providing very efficient and economic control.

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Merquel® for Mercury Emissions Control
Bromine-based technologies have been proven to increase the reduction of mercury emissions in a cost-effective manner. In fact, bromine-based products can reduce mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants and other industrial installations by about 90%.

The use of ICL Merquel® products to reduce emissions from coal-fired and other large combustion plants, is therefore a part of the solution to meeting the goals of the Minamata Convention to reduce the world-wide of mercury pollution.

Mercury is considered by the World Health Organization as one of the top ten chemicals or groups of chemicals of major public health concern.


Water Treatment Microbial Solutions
ICL’s bromine-based biocides are essential inputs for a variety of water treatment applications. ICL is a world leader in production and supply of bromine-based biocides. ICL’s products have worldwide regulatory support, including the European BPR Art. 95 registration and US EPA registration on a primary level.

Phosphorus Inorganic Products
We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of phosphorus inorganic products (phosphorus trichloride, phosphorus oxychloride, phosphorous acid) used in the manufacture of flame retardants, flame retardant plasticizers, water treatment chemicals, pharmaceutical and agrochemical products.

Functional Fluids
Our self-extinguishing phosphate ester fluids are used in special hydraulic and lubricant applications dictated by fire risk considerations, often in power plants and hot metal manufacturing. Our phosphate esters are also used as functional additives in industrial and aviation fluids. We are the leading supplier promoting change to more sustainable design modern phosphate ester fluids.