Our Commitments

Key values shape and maintain our corporate culture.

​ICL’s corporate culture is based on fundamental values that include fairness in business, responsibility, excellence and constant improvement, respect towards others and embracing diversity, commitment to safety and to the wellbeing of the communities surrounding us, and commitment to the environment. Collectively, these values, together with our firm commitments to complying with all laws, regulations, compliance programs and procedures, will enable the sustainable growth and prosperity of the Company.

Read ICL’s Code of Ethics.

Our Values:

Fairness in Business
We are direct, honest, transparent and fair in all our business dealings.

We take full responsibility for our actions and performance, and for meeting our stakeholders’ expectations.

Excellence and Constant Improvement
We always strive to be the best. We encourage everyone who works with us – our people, our clients, our suppliers, our business partners – to excel. We ensure that in the work we do, our processes and service delivery are of the highest quality. We are demanding of ourselves and of others, and remain open to constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement.

Respect towards Others
We treat everyone with courtesy and respect, value differing opinions, embrace diversity and give people the latitude to express themselves, care about people’s well-being, and respect the need for life outside work.

Commitment to Safety
ICL is committed to protecting the health and safety of all the people who play a part in our operations or live in the communities in which we operate. We will not be satisfied until we succeed in eliminating all injuries, occupational illnesses, and unsafe conditions.

Commitment to the Environment
Wherever we operate, we will conduct our business with respect and care for both the local and global environment, and systematically manage risks to drive sustainable business growth. We will not be satisfied until we succeed in eliminating incidents of environmental harm from our activities. We seek to continuously improve the environmental performance of our products and our operations.

Obey the Law, Regulations, Professional Rules, Procedures and Compliance Programs
All employees, officers and directors of ICL are obligated to comply at all times and unconditionally with the requirements of all applicable laws, regulations, professional rules, ICL’s procedures and compliance programs, applicable to their area of activity at ICL. No employee is ever required, as part of his or her duties to ICL, to violate any legal requirements or professional rules applicable to him or her. Remember – obeying the law and the Code of Ethics always serves the interests of ICL and its employees in the most favorable manner.