Chemical Manufacturing

Phosphoric Acid and Polyphosphoric Acid are used in many chemical manufacturing processes.


Phosphoric Acid is supplied as a raw material for customer wishing to make downstream phosphate based products.

It is used to make: 

  • Phosphoric Acid Line Cleaners
  • Transition Metal Phosphate Salts like Manganese Phosphate or Zinc Phosphate
  • Metal phosphatizing Solutions
  • Aluminum bright dip Solutions


Polyphosphoric Acid (PPA) is supplied as a raw materials and are recommended for use or evaluation in the following applications:

  •  Production of flame retardants phosphate esters
  • Phosphorylation of polyols
  • Production of phosphate ester surfactants
  • Catalyst in organic reactions
  • Improving the thermo-mechanical properties of asphalt cements