Complexation, Dispersing, Antimicrobial Effect

Soluble sodium polyphosphates effectively complex multivalentcations, disperse inorganic pigments and support the preservation.

​CAREPHOS® N, CAREPHOS® 188, CAREPHOS® 244 und CAREPHOS® 322 are water-soluble sodium polyphosphates.

The mineral-based products differ in chain length and pH-value. They are suitable for complexing multivalent metal ions like iron, calcium or magnesium and thus prevent unwanted discolourations or precipitations in the cosmetic formulations.
Furthermore they disperse inorganic pigments and mineral substances in aqueous systems leading to a better and equal distribution.
CAREPHOS® products show antimicrobial effects. In an emulsion with 1% CAREPHOS® N the growth of fungi Aspergillus brasiliensis (formerly A. niger) and Candida albicans was effectively prevented.
Trade Name INCI pH-value
CAREPHOS® N Sodium polyphosphate 7,5
CAREPHOS® 188 Sodium polyphosphate 3,9
CAREPHOS® 244 Sodium polyphosphate 3,6
CAREPHOS® 322 Sodium polyphosphate 6,6

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