Adjustment and Stabilization/buffering of the pH-value

​Ortho- and Pyrophosphates are suitable for the stabilization of the pH-value.

​With our short chain length water-soluble phosphates CAREPHOS® D, CAREPHOS® T, CAREPHOS® SP and CAREPHOS® AP the pH-value of the cosmetic formulation can be adjusted and stabilized due to the buffering capacity.
These phosphates are powdery products, which can be directly dissolved in the water phase of the formulation. Furthermore the Sodium pyrophosphates CAREPHOS® SP and CAREPHOS® AP show an excellent complexing performance.
Trade Name INCI pH-value
CAREPHOS® SP Disodium pyrophosphate 4,0
CAREPHOS® M Sodium phosphate 4,5
CAREPHOS® D Disodium phosphate 9,0
CAREPHOS® AP Tetrasodium pyrophosphate 10,3
CAREPHOS® T Trisodium phosphate 12,0

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